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Activate your profile

Activate your profile via sms or credit card. Use regular SMS to move yourself first. (Also when you are VIP)

1. Just send an SMS

You can always use the same SMS, even when on the go. This way you will move to first position and maximum visibility.

2. First position on site

With VIP sms you will be the #1 profile on site until somebody else sends sms. To stay on first position send SMS as many times as you like.


Regular profile

Online now

2.08 €

Your profile will be moved to first position below VIP profiles. Use this SMS number if you already have VIP profile to move yourself to very top of the website

Send SMS to activate:
Number: 54033
Package features
  • SEND sms to be the first profile under VIP profiles
    You can use this same SMS to boost your VIP profle to first position
  • You get ONLINE badge for maximum visibility
    You will have "online" badge for 3 hours and your profile will be on top of the website - this means more visibility
  • Use the same SMS always
    Even while on the move, sending this SMS moves your profile to TOP below VIP profiles.
  • regular_5 title.sms

Vip profile

5 days

5.04 €

Send VIP sms and you will be the first profile on site with MAXIMUM visibility. Use the regular SMS during 5daysto boost your profile to the top as many times as you like.

Send SMS to activate:
Number: 54050
Package features
  • Send VIP sms and profile will be on the first place on the site
    Use regular SMS during 5 daysto move your profile to first place as many times as you like
  • Use regular SMS during 5 daysto move to first place
    Your profile will be first until someone else sends SMS. Use the Regular sms to have the advantage all the time!
  • VIP profile and BOOST get you all the visibility!
    You will be the first profile, have VIP badge and beat your competition
  • vip_5 title.sms

Vip profile

30 days

25 €

Buy VIP via credit card or Western Union. You get UNLIMITED number of boosts.

Pay with Credit card
Western Union
Package features
  • Unlimited number of BOOSTs
    With SMS you pay for each BOOST. With credit card/ western union you get unlimted number
  • Secure payment via credit card or Western union
    You get a VIP badge, you can move yourself first unlimited times.
  • A lot cheaper and easier than SMS
    You pay once, and can use BOOST free unlimited times
  • vip_5

6 Vip profiles

30 days

70 €

Pay via credit card / western union and get unlimited amount of provile BOOSTs + 20 profiles

Pay with Credit card
Western Union
Package features
  • If you pay via credit card you can BOOSt profiles unlimited times for free
    You dont have to pay for each BOOST/ moving profile to top of the site
  • Boost up to 20 profiles as many times as you like
    One account = 20 profiles. Its a lot cheaper than SMS
  • Beat your competition with this package. Easy, simple and cheaper than SMS
    You can move your profile first unlimited times.
  • vip_5